Our Business Utilities provide efficient yet sustainable solutions to the common and the unplanned occurrence of businesses. At The Business Team, we believe being brilliant doesn’t mean having all the answers; it means knowing where to find them.
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Reasons To Choose Us

Improve the operations and efficiencies of trying to conduct Business on the road.


With more than 30 years of experience we bring a myriad of resources and talents to assist you in successfully managing any project or task.


We communicate every action with you, and coordinate responses guided by your objectives and protocol.


We’ve amassed the knowledge, skills and quality experience through careers in Corporate America. We believe businesses deserve the same support on the road.

Administrative and IT Support

“If only I could clone myself” say decision makers (and mad scientists). Having a reliable Assistant away from the office to manage those challenging moments is anything but mad… says the genius decision maker.
IT Support 2

Quality / Safety / HSE

Quality, Safety and HSE is implementing a plan of safe execution in the workspace. The Business Team is not only dedicated to the well-being of our clients’ business, we are also dedicated to getting each employee back to their families safely.
Quality Support 2

Procurement Support

The Business Team’s Procurement Specialist will provide guidance and support involving buying decisions, submitting bid packages, and understanding grant requirements. All designed to keep your business financially healthy.
Procurement Support 2


Trained and experienced in Small Claims disputes, Employment/HR issues, Service grievances, Family Court, Contract Disputes, and so much more. As certified mediators, The Business Team works hard to protect your business name before it ever gets to litigation.
Mediation 2

Mobile Notary

Our mobile Notary service will put an end to driving around town and hoping one falls in your line of sight. The Business Team can bring Notary services to your location every time, assuring you have a trusted agent for your most protected documents. Travel fee will apply.
Notary 2

Labor Force Training

The Business Team presents and applies practical knowledge based not only on theories and philosophies, but also reinforced with real world experiences. Our learning techniques are as diverse as your team, so even with a multi-lingual work force, The Business Team can provide translated material for every employee to follow and understand your vision.
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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Improve the operations and efficiencies of trying to conduct Business on the road.